Yet As fatal– Again messed up — with all due respect & intention to do it right ! 

With determination to gain dopamine by pole fight ! 

Have it capture cus my dyslexic makes me worry I can’t cope 

Btw ! narcissism plays no part in my now sluggish lethargy mode ! 

When living in the moments wrapped me for  another HOPE – to decode 

My self reprimanded the inattentive of follow Basic rules I simply can’t do without  selectively commands !! My self aware dictates & despise this kind of disrespectful subconsciously caused to my  pT – BUt  facts of Sharing traces of physical injuries has a moral in it — 

there is no shortcuts to a goal one Intend to obtain ! Pain is weakness leaving my insane which I definitely rather preffered the countless bruises but numbness pain’ !! 

Compared over the self -contradictions & phenomenal disability self regulations the expressive of  emotion in the mental brain!