When — collectives – voices overthrowing  individuality — n willing to have the torment in them struggle in fear —   

my story narrates a journey taken by an unstoppable train, 

my discovery of wandering stillness keeps the waiting in vain, 

my eyes blink a minute to open the sensational space flowing in my veins,

my journey to discover stimulating myths –limitless time of circuit brain 

my shoulder burdened and I felt a crack tear stabbing pain in my hidden soul within my core, 

my anxiety is inevitable but my soul still battles each living moment against unbearable sore! 

my melancholy synchronize the living in moment reticent upon cognitive despair so invisibly deep,  

my laughters mimic a bubbly personality while  my silent tears pours e soul wth continuous weep!

I once heard the last train calling me from a speed light distance, 

I was on the verge for heavenly eternity despite just a short instance, 

I still hold on to the lucid ordeal whenever teardrops wet my cheeks, 

I feel no fear nor pain but adrenalin wits of what my wander-mind seeks?! 

I am undertaking then full responsibility of my cyber diary as words I Speak ! 

I am , definitely not at all liable for perception of individuality interpret–

I see visualizing stardust and spacing atoms interacting on milky Galaxy 

I feel trillions of activating neutrons compelling magnet force ecstasy 

I am will share the insanity – I love sharing liberty – thus – it’s up to thee !! 



my selfies showed more reality than it’s merely my habit –