The past decades unknowingly slipped me by,
The twin devil within contradicts more as days creep by !

Nightfalls showered ravishingly stimulants for ideas
Dawn dews reconstructs all overactive molecules ,
While dashing daily horizon for soaring sun to appear,
Messages of Amen Barks , aclick away for rescue.
Self indulgence – ? Self motivates, Self Generates in fear.
Voices self designed to guide faced it’s time Due.

2 choice is a avail on my cv Hate her guts or love her roughs — n —
god was playing no trick but probably hving his tee off oB !!
I hv walk a path–that endulgence was once an excessive luxuries but
I took the back door n crawled my bleeding kneels bac to ruthless reality ! 

The me in I could just mingle with the innocence of  PUREST HuMaAnity   & talking cats n dogs I could hear them speaking !!





The saddest fact is there wil be no more reason to strive for that ram as my memory overrides my ability to keep those agendas!
to travel the 7 seas and find another inhabit sure is the message I totally received despite of insanity which peers gathers!
The yearning prayers for’ no burdens no expectations to tears in life’ left me a cognition a new reign, an equation , a new chapter!