– roots of lumosity include neurons in brain activity ! 
Lumosity – defines as an online brain training and neuroscience research company tat based in San Francisco, California. California !

Lumosity – challenges ones witty mind by brain wave counts with tickerling neurons firing to enhanced ones brain circuit activities by an intensity of (my analogy of ‘) high Impact intermediate GYM sweat ‘!!! 

Never underestimate the mutation model along modern technology seemingly but just   As Amazingly through THE SAME pathway – exchanging information from 2 differ sphere but in the same quantam spacetime interrelay! 
It’s of my genuisity of passionate curious what intellectually collects data of the 0.5 % of the 6 trillion world wide generation – yet of such profundity being popularlt accepted widely throu such channel  demonstrating the epitome –  life ration of convenience via easy smart phone access —

To my imaginary as narrator ! It’s like just One conductor in an invisible symphony of mesmorizing Orchestra — the double tasking as gaming adrenalin Entertaiment and also has a brain training program consisting wide various of games in LPI evaluation ! 

The innovation of this brain waves amazing led to idolises the team of production and programming expertises with salute of gratitude 

This app is aim for special areas that is remarkably specify on training individual’s target areas of memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem solving. – I have to thank my BeBe & BroRed for sharing his new interest during last months dinner at ShabuGen –( with much regrets – I hoped my absence for the yearly Bali KuDeT@ did not upset IM/OM/NM cus I could not bring myself to tell her possibilities of my attending is vague as Dan’s O Level – the last final high School –despite a mere fact my responsibility induced my anxiety — 

Incidentally or coincidently — just in the split of light sped ‘over upon thoughts of THAT OUTOFTHEWORld,, ONEOFAKIND damn – &&&^#*¥£&& life changing – 260614 Schiphol Panic anxiety Strikes!! – – my Dutch bro from another mother natural spoke with me a few hours ago and yes I could not be much happier of my ditaction of my prophysist on euro economy !! Having this ever NOSAYNOof  verbally expressed my incompetency of the fore sightedness gift to estimate the rise of euro against my nation & global in tracking currencies state – while assuming the property price to be rising upwards materialised to be exact 3 years after my investment came to me as no surprise but – I knew my deficits now overides my capability in apathetic to society upbeat or decline !! & on top of all – I love my Dutch family – and I am more than happy to announce my freedom to the property in Amsterdam has evolved !!! Depreciation on selective Focus diverted my engagement of  maltitasking as the self concious catfights the wakefulness seemed more intriguing ‘!! 

-(since 26JUNE 2014) I had not  been able to fly as usual twice yearly prior to 2014 back to my DUTCH FAM in Amstemdam tat was too over long dued – I could not possibly has contradiction and 2 trips was incidentally postponed – 26 Also happened to be my car plate – & my date of hatched ! Like my commanding wishes – the thoughts read from a distance -as I try to keep the left hemisphere as human by struggling my way to feel kind of out of place with all my sincered and deep hearted gems!! The right Hshpere – echoes Rhymths of  ‘where art thou u – SSpears’s whispers !! 

BEHOLD !! The myth shows While revealing the justification hypnosis by a light of the speech liberation stomped in and lit up my 2nd LIFE! 

He is an Neuronal lecturer & MICHAEL PERSINGer ‘s and I share some phenomenal commons – 

Please just say tat conincidence does cross path like alps -&  beta –  Only sneaks for brainy Movie – of walk zombies;) be it a mirage – be it Ready !