No pun intended — just tat some reading articles raised self consciousness hyposis … Deep within…. It’s all about my precious son.. The affirmative way to lead him into adulthood  with QUALITY not QUANTITY terms of knowledge to cultivate What is appropriate for the epitome in a sensible male & groomed independence  to battle the society … AS I HAVE HAD EMPHASIZED… 

Could be my own findings could be my escape — but I do sleep for more than others if my mind is intending to shut off irregardless ,! 
What is Narcolepsy? — The system which regulates sleep, arousal, and transitions between these states in humans is composed of three interconnected subsystems: the orexin projections from the lateral hypothalamus, the reticular activating system, and the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus.  SOMETHING BEHIND DOORS… SOMEWHAT phenolic coincidence  — like  my freedom for him was never a credit but ruthless accusation that I swallowed in agonic silence .. WTF… Seriously… If anyone shares my role as a dad & Mom…  And what ever others advises I never once triggered before I study the numerous possibility of weighing pro & cons in my ONEOFAKIND wandering mind….

In narcoleptic individuals, these systems are all associated with functional impairments due to a greatly reduced number of hypothalamic orexin projection neurons and significantly fewer orexin neuropeptides in cerebrospinal fluid and neural tissue, compared to non-narcoleptic individuals.
Many of those who know me as “friends ” does know my extraordinary sleeping habits since I was in early teens  but even though many of them speculated my nocturnal alike was under substances influenced… I shan’t make any commands wrt this so very sensitive topic…. (Oops did I I gave it away? ) on the contrary , I would like to ask why a person stays awake for dopamine adrenalin rush but isolated to its own creative cocoon ? Did she directly or indirectly caused intereference to the society u call “WORLD “? 

In common usage, “ridiculousness” is used as a synonym for absurdity or nonsense. From a historical and technical viewpoint, “absurdity” is associated with invalid argumentation and reasoning, “nonsense” with semantics and meaning, while “ridiculous” is most associated with laughter, superiority, deformity, and incongruity. Reductio ad absurdum is a valid method of argument, while reductio ad ridiculum is invalid. Argument by invective declaration of ridiculous is invalid, while arguments involving declarations of nonsense may summarize a cogent semantic problem with lack or meaning or ambiguity.


An usual scene to me when I Was awaken for food and too many others – perhaps a spectacular amusing assemblence !?? 

Rationally .. if I attempt to logically put myself as the general peer’s  perception state… I will be scratching my damn balls instead of my idiotic head?  .? I will be wandering ain’t substances  clinically or non clinically obesity  pleasure is for enhancment or hurllucinision , or to communicate  social needs instead of isolation ? 

Historically, the ridiculous was central to initial theories of humor and laughter as  It was used in psychosocial power struggles in the European court by reducing opponents to the ridiculous using ridicule. It is currently used in the theory of humor to create laughter, shock, parody, or satire. Reactions to the ridiculous have been studied in psychology for its effects on memory, attention, and attitude in social hierarchies. These studies have been applied to the theory of advertisement regarding attention, memory, and alleviation of preexisting negative attitudes toward products. The ridiculous is often contrasted with the sublime, one of extreme inferiority, the other of extreme superiority, and often one can suddenly move from one extreme state to the other.