The joyous ray of light awaken  from those slow moving clouds at another latitude of horizon – an experience I once steered but long lost reimburse a scenes I define peaceful joy at its purest pleasant.. To have some of these memories of joy capture and able to share my express of renegade the  passion of humanity rerised a  moment of magnificent finally did happen! 

I’m at the state whereby I literally could sink myself in a state hearing my neuron.. ONly Alpha n beta translation interaction with my gam as whilst D n T was not in the momentary of my fantasize… What does that emphasizes?.  

In simple terminology – I MAY HV BIGGER BALLS THAN MY BROTHBUTO UNLOCK MY TRAPPED SOUL “WAS ‘ A MISSION I RECKONED BEYONDIMMPOSSIBLE – I heartedly appreciate this much cherished trip of reaching out for admiring hopes for the chances I see ‘now ‘ as there a reason for the old days wisely left words of such  saying —if there is a WILL !! There – accomplishing ways might seek its justification!  

Another phase of intensed emotions of self validating this space dairy tat formally  spilled solely agonies ! 

New chapter sees the subconscious mind sharing the words of positivity in joyous pour ! New discovery !

Ever since cyber silent cries deprived within upon my space diary for daily balance since 2004 – sad story !

Rushes of touching turmoils launched an emotional storm between my harboured burden of morbidity n lonesome anxieties trapped negativity energies within my soul I thought no revival could erect the lost I set the trapped behind doors for tormented by mindset indirectly I called that sucidal of remains tat could not regulate emotion upon procrastinating contradictory . My retreating from  Aggression and impulsiveness in self awareness Was my self restrictions as my words are like a double bladed army knifes words of truth from me that cuts like Sharpened dagger once wounded unintentional ones without sparing thought for Thy heart thou art.. 


Spicing with a brightening path unlike before Now a new flavor to enlightenment by adding on not only silent cries nor tearful eyes – a new revolution of spacing in paradise !!my Pictorial diary sparkled revitilized – 

Spicing it all up to a validation in a self awarded of soul searching – sees emotions was the cause of speeding up or decelerating the space TIME itself for the wistfulness of ones  individual moments 

What is experts definition on time as the world & globe is ruled by the ticking clock ! Rather long a documentary but it does wonderomy experience 
It’s  the attachment of such left over sentiments of a particular reason of moment I ( hmm- self contemplating perhaps ) DID managed the phenomenal halt tat stopped the (MY) time zone on tat island irregardless ! It’s the joy , rekindled of priceless gems – alongside we came by 2 decades of 4 different individual and their entanglements, each of us led a rough non parallel but 4 of us in such a moment unstated the tie of friendship’s drew me a final  curtain of positivity a moment in time of my history. 

To my vivid recaptured it’s a little more than 2 decades back, the early 90’s  , the four of us once crossed path at the junction when youth was flaunt by alcohol  all bottoms up ?…. To party  in the midnight of dark for the pleasures of FUN.. We were then adventurous and fearless us did our dopamine chase with living moments in those past…

While  Each of t 4 w of us ery unique of personal hobbies reunite in Huvafen , .. All matured ,with observing intuition from each I saw profund wisdom, I heard sincerest of sanity I hearted deeply, I felt anxieties rebuildt and as for me personally it is of ultimate and significance as  I saw my regain of decency  humane qualities..- – I managed a task that I assume it’s Going to be buried 6 feet under when death call upon me … be and all live up to a significant underlying to their past infamous title be it positive or negative cus that makes no difference to me !! 

Strangely somehow or  somewhat of chemistry still gathered 4 in this trip where I could finally apologized to 1 tat I owed him as a friend to judge him from another stranger jus because I defend my kind of genital which with much dismay — only could say – we both ended up as loser to the lady with background of once communist .. It’s my ignorance to proper attain before , leading to another self concious to share 
An exquisite yet Amazing trip ! Speechless as captured in my verbal working memory .