Dada Gunauktananda – a meditation teacher of Ananda Marga since 1995 lectured around the globe !  i am totall enchanted by his words of deep level of reality and cosmo science in CONSCIOUSNESS – the final frontier !

As a society -what matter  perimeters differs from exploring the synopsis of inner space – ONLY  upon individual case —

If only one could believe and read In between the line’s trace-….  He could luminate the light bulb within each wandering oneofakind MIND –..of any human race !! 

The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of mysteical. It is at the root of all true science. Which relates Emotional conviction of the presence of the superior reasoning POWER ! which is to most on the incomprehensible UNIVERSE is ones belief of ONES GOD – hence- my due respect to the religion of sacred heritage shower ! 
Like most must have heard the saying revolves the theory of the realising  the core about “I think therefore I AM “- 

Decrypt these creativity puzzled liked message by His reformed verdict ” WHEN I STOP THINKING THEN I REALLY AM ! ” –  I  could literally experienced how amazingly n positive energy transpired and how his simple twist n  transformation  of the relativity sentence relates his deepest thoughts of the matter n space could ressem?! 

Matter of heart – maternal love – 

In retrospect  ! everything I regard matters derivative from consciousness! I distinctly cannot get behind consciousness every think I talk about everything that I’ regard  as existing prostulates consciousness !!! – shed lights of the quantum theory !

After much pursue of self contradiction upon some weird question of “who am I ?” ” What is reality???” channeled the search to TEDx talks and also the power of meditation enable ones deepest thoughts to decipher the root of realising the meticulous chore of that conscious MIND ! 
This particular gamma transmitted quote that caught my interest with the subconscious posterior right hemisphere of mind !! 

Modern science is based on the principle, – “give us one free miracle I will explain the rest. And one free minute miracle all the matter and energy of the universe, and all the laws that govern it, from nothing and a single instance. ” — reality of consciousness

What if the materialism drives one from passion, alienated and fear to future cause harmful perceptions to our Brain? 

My wandering mind reborn and sharing the myths – Cosmo science Vs Neuro Science !!