Wayne Dyer and his dictation on Consciousness -also credited as father of motivation in United States — left his body — a famous author  deceased just a fortnight ago might have left us physically but his wisdom reign in clips eternally 

“When the underlying spirit of humanism is extended to everything, animate and inanimate, in this universe – I have designated this as ‘Neohumanism’. This Neohumanism will elevate humanism to universalism, the cult of love for all created beings of this universe.”
Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

 Meditation ( attainable & task controllable )vs Memories (inerasable preprogrammed PC) 

I DO BELIEF but before believing blindly – lets just digest what I had not ! 

Neohumanism is the practice of love for all created beings of the universe, animate and inanimate. It is the spirit of humanism extended to all: the elevation of humanism to universalism. And According to neohumanism, there are many types of exploitation, but exploitation Politico-economic exploitation occurs when nation or group engages in economic exploitation through the use of brute force to impose direct political control over another nation or group.

My indulgence of living the the spacey moment mocked me at this instant ;p

The wandering mind of mine pounders but noticeably of these political hawkishness and their origin.?. Churchill not being English, Cesar, not Romania origin and Hitler , an Austrian born German politician Just keeps me bewitched of the limitless matter of negativity during those space time of existence .

However, Neohumanism asserts that when politico-economic exploitation is combined with psycho-economic exploitation, the likely social devastation is much greater.

Neohumanism defines DOGMA as a mental prison. It is any concept (belief) that one is expected to accept without question. Neohumanism perceives such conduct as fundamentally contrary to humanity which includes a constant quest for mental expansion. 

The three main types of limiting sentiment 
We looked into the first which is called geo-sentiment. It is sentiment for a particular place, and has led to numerous tribal and nationalistic conflicts in the past. 

The second type of sentiment is socio-sentiment. It is the sentimental tendency for a particular group. In its most limited form it is the sentiment for one’s direct family. And its most expanded form is for humanity as a whole.

Lastly the 3rd type of sentiment is what I had stumbled upon the past 2 decades –HUMANITY-!!! The human sentiment: which implies humanism. ( which I pretty gotten stacked in that ever jammed in precision) 

  • Although it may seem relatively noble on the surface, it has two major defects. First, it can give rise to pseudo-humanism, the exploitation of other peoples by deception and the imposition of pseudo-culture. And second, it does not embrace animals and plants in its scope. It has no perennial source of inspiration, and it leads to both intra- and inter-creature conflict.
  • In fact, all these types of limited sentiments are divisive and lead to conflict. In the course of one’s progress one will have to overcome them.

That’s so much I could absorb a day as my living in my moment with matter less thoughts .. To share the liberty of unconditional passion is a my job … Against all odds ?…

Let’s wrapped another spacey gay day with concern of growing human races with anxiety and depression and to unfold the myths of MENTAL illness – which I discharged my insanity individual to gather the opinions on different fields to evaluate humanity – vs – sanity – but no pun intended !! Working along with professional opinion might lead a better pic of SHE SAYS ! HE SAYS ! But till date I affirmed tat the largest beneficial is still the sturdy non shocking fact of humongous generates revenues stays a fact of these ever up rocking market relating all productions. N FDA approved pharmaceutical labels