For many may have freaked out !! And I just am too sluggish to get out of the nest I built !! Well ! First of all – my OCD way of cleaning up a tiny Acne but with constant alcohol swaps – and umpteen times of sanitizing burnt a layer at my chin –  in silence of dark – that’s  about 6 days now and I reckoned even I “ll b left with crystal scarring marks -!!  – I do know “time” will make my new addition accepted as my new trademark ! 

My world  tilted as I rose from hell wen I saw  me at mirror reflection – so much about bragging perfection !! 

But I can’t deny my conscious guilt of remorse wen I noticed in awaken condition. ! ?  It’s another  episode for self direct in recollection. !! 
Instead of just making myself sank into states of depression — I returned to sleep the next 3 solid days in total dreamless of relaxation ! – 

Only to wait upon Essence of Time as salvation. But during this calender week guide me 2 another stage of seeking sparkles transmittions – it’s what the wise said its the chakra of ones lives the ZEN of Yin n Yang – reprogramming the  conscious mind in activation –

My very first of the enlightenment from my virgin Meditation!  I , was astonished the myth of will power lies on each’s configuration !! It was jus amazing that I could sit still without figid position ! 

My belief of my ideas are mostly toilet bound production ! Since a younger age long ago , the girls will all just sit in my a  over crowded vanity room like Excursion !! 

There fore ! Mine to do it sitting down , like grounding foundation ! under running hot showers! Cleansing sees  implication – recalling professors has proven pressure to the eyes generates more activities with infinte limitation ! I looked up and had the rythms of musical notes drizzling on my face — my wistful thoughts of my wound healing took its transition ! Not to make it sound too heavenly ! But indeed it shall enable ones self realization ! 

Gabo Mate – a Jewish born In Budapest , a respectable psychiatry doctor with much empathy passion  , I share his kind hearted soul – wen I stumble over  his dedication and sincerest devotion !

Addition to power n power addiction – Gabo Mate