Halt and give a moment to the core of this question ” – ask yourself – ” BEFORE ANSWER ‘ – its wise to master patient and to bear neither personal opinion nor negative experiences for each daily execution . In our Renaissance era of swift operating society , try to perceive  sparingly and imagine yourself in different perspect to determine what is reality ?. Because most decision is overruled by the fact of our  90 % of SUBCONCIOUS mind! 

We as humankind could only relate to each personal memories of experiences  to function by our 5% -10% conscious mind to manipulate our built in intuition , undoubtedly …we all tend to phenomenally rely ! 

What contents of everyone mind is trufully unique ., please bear this in mind — there4 the power of ones thought n intends of ones mind  explains why the difference of human behavioral )   from others various point of ‘view b4 regimentally  cast upon a soul based on individual recollected perception of  their indifference or interactive handicaps….. by giving ones  judgemental verdict to the soul accused is alike casting a death sentence to those introvert  tat fail the ability to vividly explain …lucidly in words of plain.
Random of bebeintown ‘s Thursdays 11am  – its like a wakening call 4 us to attend kAdampa meditation’s wisdom at 134, Neil Road Singapore – for spiritual enrichment— 

Danielle, – a manifested soul -our respected mentor – shared the myth and philosiphy of “reality ” & innerengineering with much compassion to the current humanity with abaundance of patience but with analysis of individual perception of —..her question to our class was pretty peculiar !!! 
What is a car when we have no knowledge to its function and how to operate it!’

I could lucidly sensed negativity of confusion n comprehension from the rest of e class  that was momentary lost n some raised agitated  question by their belief  from the corrupted educational system — ( check our who owns n form the so called FERDERAL RESERVE) to the class -‘ our current reality is impossible to relate to not exiistence theory ! ‘ 

A 528z  vibration frequency  helpless SIGH Released by Danielle was calm but to me a flash of alarm ‘!!!  .. 

” I could literally  feel her compassion to the unawakened universe ….  – stil in her lotus position – she tried to enlighten us  to search ones reality &  realize th power of ones thoughts – the universe Union for awareness  played our era of crucial humanity  existence – lacking knowledges is wisdom hidden from Higher elites to prevent exercising  the pinale glands by uniting we as human potentials – 

SO , whats the myth? N of all What is hidden ?

Danielle -”  It’s the ultimate individual ‘s constructed belief, delusional and conventional knowledge hidden tonprevent creative images of pastrenaissance to the prufundity of-  human   thoughts – a path of. Universal cycle of ancient teachings to manifest what we could decrypt ‘ humanity ‘!! 

I went to her to pass the following scribbles – to verify my objectives is not off bound the nature of matters in our spiritual search !!!!   
TO ME —  my conception for what is a Car !!  To our modern world  differs from most  majority human opinion !! – & my own comprehension to my  car  besides a transportation tool — also is made up by matters n created by the CELLINHERITED UPON  THE DNA Subconcious  mind 

Facts that all ACCUMULATED thoughts – and nothing besides realisation 4 the emptiness of ones’ goal . Will inevitably change the car to space craft, jetplanes , or space travel portalss  .. .  Is by noone by me n my mind !!   
色即是空,空即是色 -more to it from india isha.org 

From the wise – like the teachings from my mYstic GURU ..

 Its only For the seeker of wisom  

What is the Purpose of Life?
If you were very blissful and ecstatic at this moment, would you think, “What is the purpose of life?” – No. Only when in some way, life has become burdensome, these questions arise: “To be or not to be?” “Is there a good enough purpose for me to exist?” 
Your experience of life itself has not become grand and worthwhile enough. That is why you are trying to find a meaning. If just sitting here and breathing was ecstatic for you, you wouldn’t ask, “What is the purpose of life?”  

So, before you ask that question, the most important thing is you need to learn to enhance this life to its maximum potential. When I say “life,” you don’t even know what life is. All you have right now is your body and mind. Make them as pleasant as you can. Only when your physical body and mind are in a state of pleasantness, everything in you works at its best. Your intelligence works at its best only when you are joyful and blissful. 

If a human being manages to remain in a continual state of blissfulness, let’s say for 24 hours, one’s intelligence will double. There is enough medical evidence to prove this today.
Thank you for being my perfect mirror Sadhguru – namaste 


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