From my Mentor – I quote his wisdom for the thousand question Seek€R$ !! He shared his words about the most destructive weapon in our era – 
Today, modern science and modern physics is trying to prove as you sit here, every particle in your body is in communication with the whole universe. 

This is however just an idea and a thought, one become a scientist. If one  become an atheist then it shall fragment the world in a million different ways.

You must understand that there never has been organised religion in our country. What you see today is only a reaction to external competition, aggressive competition that came from outside. 
There is no concept of THE God. All the Gods that you worship in this country are human beings who walked this geography whether you say Shiva, Rama, Krishna. They are historical figures. As per the stories we know, they represent a certain level of enlightenment. 

Liberation is the highest goal. God in heaven has never been the goal. This is a spiritual movement.

As long as there is fear of suffering in a human being, he is always half-a-step, he is never a full stride. The fear of suffering should go if you want to be a full step. That means you create a chemistry of blissfulness within you. Then you will know life in its entirety. One needs to understand that you are here to experience life, not to torture life.
 A Godless land where people are seekers not believers.
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