I’m inquisitive over almost every new verb – so this is kind of intriguing when Stanford University conducts SSP – it prufuntity to how little knowledge we as human even bothers to learn in spite of the current programmed regimented  educational system that limits one creativity !!!!  

Stanford’s Symbolic Systems program bridges the gap between humanity and technology

Symbolic Systems exposes students to interdisciplinary ways of thinking, creativity and knowledge. The examination of the human-computer relationship, the mind and language is a life-changing path of study for many.
The Symbolic Systems program is the study of “the science of the mind.” Blending computer science, psychology, linguistics and philosophy, it examines the relationship between humans and computers; for example, how to endow computers with human-like behavior and understanding, and how to design technology that works well with users.
That is the kind of thought process encouraged in Stanford’s Symbolic Systems academic program, a one-of-a-kind higher education jewel that focuses on how computers, the mind and language integrate.
Interdisciplinary to the hilt, Symbolic Systems exposes students to different ways of thinking. Especially at an undergraduate level, there’s enormous benefit to seeing how varying disciplines, thinkers and doers approach confounding problems.
The Symbolic Systems Program (SSP) at Stanford University focuses on computers and minds: artificial and natural systems that use symbols to communicate, and to represent information. SSP brings together students and faculty interested in different aspects of the human-computer relationship, including…

* cognitive science: studying human intelligence, natural languages, and the brain as computational processes;

* artificial intelligence: endowing computers with human-like behavior and understanding; 

* human-computer interaction: designing computer software and interfaces that work well with human users.

To summarize my comprehension- I do Hv a question ? R we the robot or the robot that is in delusion

Symbolic Systems’ affiliated faculty come from several departments at Stanford, including Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Communication,Statistics, and Education. Our students are exposed to the tools of these disciplines — formal methods, philosophical analysis, computer programming, and empirical research — with the aim of being able to apply the appropriate tool(s) to a chosen area of specialization. SSP alumni are found in various occupations, including software design and applications, teaching and research, law, medicine, and public service.