This is a piece a useful knowledge – facts of knowledge hidden , liberty of human rights !? Finding out is your ultimate ultimatum ….

Being totally cast out by Cognitive Impairin behavioural derives from ones consciousness but lack of hidden knowledge — but many does not seem to be aware as we r all under such a programmed system -… 

Those frivolously accelerating rate of human motality and morbidity — is the result is arising suicidal statistics in United States itself , sadly had overtaken the once homocidal Crime rates !! 

My words may not be too reliable but what supported my own curiousity does have coherent verification by – 

THOMAS R. INSEL  Who is TOM? — Managing Director of  the National Insitute of Mental Health,  ( NIMH)

Minute24.24 states his concern on the suicidal rate !!!  

I could only keep seeking answers ! And to have it as reference to those helpless ! Wistful thoughts that might ease their mind that they r not alone!  ! Its global !

What is chemtrails –  answers is a YouTube listed on my Chanel kitkat penn