When my smile wears even in my minimal sleep in bliss …the blasting of phenomenal tears inner peace – knowledges  4 layers of mind state, the 5 elements of universe , the 114 chakras deriving from the basic of 7  to most — the 72 thousand of the neurons interactive pathways gradually becomes comprehensive .. … . 

After embracing n responsive to what happens around with compassion, even to things that does not concern or cause by me.. … But mesmorized by the human thoughts – .. Such profundity , so powerful – ridiculously to many  .. Denies their rightful claims  , a mind has a mind of itself … Often Distraught upon data input from educational system .! 

Collective desires in  Humanities  — yet too complex to offer it liberation or to even convince .. World Cup as the best example– the world of thoughts ripple and vibrates intensitivity upon the final match with attention over 22 players kicking “ A soccer ball” by the collective cheerings  , boasting the GOALS … For  EGO.. , ??? I wil not give it a go.

I rather look at these talking creatures that is , that was, a live at the least .. 

It’s a revisit n this round to the Singapore zoo where recollections  {PAST MEMORIES – sub n unconscious MIND} to me was our playground!my son explores the wild farm as an young man while I went  strolling the other direction leaving him his roaming mom free spaces! With the cannon in hand .. To proof how straight I could expand.. It’s never to hard or easy, equal answers to likes n dislikes  – we had a preset time to meet a the exit as a distant family flew in under our roofs makes us regain the glad . Wearing the same smile .. Walking On foot ..jumping on trampolines — every moment I tried so hard to have them document as my way to refer back …it’s my style my prep –with  no more trams like old days never extends ….. Past is memories .. Future is imaginations made up by the UN conscious memories … In return for insanities … It’s a choice and I took my rightful 

 Like at these couple of shots .. N their vision from the perspective of a 3rd party…. What is common in my  captured ??