It had been a long search for answers pertaining the core of human originity … it has come to some lucid answers to the misbelief teachings from the  Darwinian theory !. Hence, what outrageous hidden  ancestral  wisdom which was so misled and not inherited by descendants to induce  as basic set of information for enhancing , executing the 4 categorized blood type in general … thus, thankful to the perseverance of solitary isolation , the saying goes “better late than never ever .,!” 
It got my sight by lying amongst the shelf of accumulated books in the premises of my current stay at PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi… Maldives – my serenity paradise — 

This is the question that is at the heart of the genetic puzzle. It is also central to our exploration of blood types. The key is genetic heritage – the story line of your life. Even though you are living in the 21st century, you share a common bond with your ancestors. The genetic information that resulted in their particular characteristics has been passed on to you. 

The past 2 years with umpteen researched documentary education and reliable sources of intellect interaction on social portals such as research gate , and quora …

The mass public ought to face reality with a calm state of conciousness .. with positive thoughts, with compassion within against all oughts ..
Informative wisdom with Dr John Bergman

Looking back … I could only say … the belief systems now seemed logically unright….. Singapore being one the 8 in world wide countries which still surprisingly holding the long voted out Fluoridation of drinking water just intrigued me with no denial ..