IMME -silly narcissists one may assume- sentimental value i hv mine captured to review

Accusing miseries , cognitive incapabilities , morbid poetries — my cyber dairy ….


an artist has her way to scream out loud

Spread the passion – desires of compassion 











My interpretion n definition OF time – 

Your NOW does not necessarily equivalent to mine somehow  !  The construction and memory of each genotype developed new generating sequence but never be able to documented with recording ref on ISBI or as publics reference !


The co-founder of Wikipedia says the website has been ‘taken over by trolls’

Time Had reveal its worthlessness as  to be define  but shockingly not too astonished and I wandered why  am I not as intrigued alike my SPACETIME living moments !!  
Thru meditation-yogi sadhguru, the mystic I follow to Paris was no MISTAKE 


Can anyone reading this define precision emphasis on TIME !?

Beta A witty FooL than A silly acts wise

The mystical harmonic spirits overthrown as unity BY Collectivelism vs Indivualism !

The chronicle part of one’s wakefulness to acceptance debates reality drives insanity!
The logical tinkling sensation of nothing n   everything, e beauty in all living organism! 
The critical fact that our globe is empire by elite organizations beyond human entities!

The ironical introduction by Hollywood A51 of e ancientGods into futuristic scarcism!
The artificial intelligence battles success – buying the ruling global elites of humanity 

Some said my heartedly passion is extreme Some judged me by psychedelic consumed 

Some wandered my self declaration extinct Some affirmed by my sincerity from within 
The ONE world conspiracy’s more than it’s
The EArTH is ruled and governed by myths 

The CONCIOUNESS blinded by perceptions 
The Mindfulness . A  creation of deceptions  

Our software mechanism like a computer is by matrix System 

Our mind seperated from soul at birth by genetic fear pattern 

Our creativity is limited by validation from peer pressure 

Our activities stimulated in seek only upon selfish pleasure 
Has no one ever ask why our mind has a mirror? Self prisoner to it’s contradiction?

Has none saw our slavery to society of prosperity world in vivid transformation?

To be or not to be !- the infamous poetry ! 

To seek or be found – Palladic ChiTa imme. 



God – our creator – my fear now is to seek!

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