Since I can’t express in my words my alternative is pictorial – let me seek from those reading this a min of silence for the  2 lost  of WAYNE & OLIVER — both dedicated a life to share inspiration and knowledge by the mind’s gamma transmitters for brain waves interaction.. 

It’s his deep wisdom he got tired of.. He chose to leave that aging body … So deliberately.. Quietly… Speedily.. in seemingly the urge to prey for another destiny… .. Wayne Dyer – also known as … Father of motivation .. Author.

I wan to just  thank the  theory wisdom .that was sparingly given ! Words could no longer made coherent…. .. @M€n.. ! My whispering 

I don’t have my self regulate of EMOti0N in control.. It’s disheartening…

Oliver Sacks .. Just hours later… The lost of another great minds– poundering kind .. .. Wandering WHY?.

And .. On that couple of days after I got back from Maldives HUVAFEN, my imaginary heaven… I was slugging on the bed, lazing on then space .. Leaving negative energy avoid direct interface ..

What is 2015 a year so many LOSES of the worlds ‘intuitive, innovative great ‘ beta , delta Neuronsactive minds … My imaginary capacity is beyond infinity.. I’m extreme, persistent, perseverance determination basically … .. 
Waking up in shocked at 6 AM to realize that I wen coma in bed with no knowledge – damn ..






I hv friends , I hv a life , but I lost myself in time for ages And his narration is tickling the back of my consciousness state of both hemisphere activated mind – I do HV reservation till more edvidential research pertaining this subjective on pharmaceutical scam