Despite unknown facts tat I do hv a Giftedness selective & self motivating gift toward challenging strategy addictive — my past 2 decades of over swinging yet ability to compromise by the HYPO focusing down swing — 2 decades of golfing only to realized my dyslexia

My golf  first and follows by – my pole – b4 agenting  – my Folds – of inverted gravity 0f adventure passion – my dyslexic cost me 4 putts for a 2 on on P@R 4 – -my myopia runs me late but fruitfully achieved preset target ! 

Ironically may it sound – the more I learned abt this prevailing misnamed disorder is how common and for females unfortunately – somewhat hard to define or noticeable till it matures at the age of 30s – impairments striking in only when emotional state at chaotic — marching into our gracefulness & giftedness of curse — the big 4’s  is the major of ladies oblivious in every domain impaired manifesting — how frustrating can those tat is not aware of the easily treatment outpatient & chronically linking neurological disorder is general peers for LABELLING —

We hv goals ,we have family value ! We have  spoiled pets ,we have creativity career – but financially stable – we have  anxiety becus  we plan 20years ahead due to insecurity ! Some of us may lead ahead – sadly some was too early mislead – —

My overestimation to be able to learn more and hoping to help any one of us to comprehend we r an union – a trait of indifferent neuron biologic species — some get the guts – luck & through Risk factors — they make it !!

Others I empathize falling into the living hell sectors with less fortunate destiny –  to convince I am now retreating …humanity – never wan to know the ruthless facts by resentment I foresee — I am sluggish once again for attempting dictate precisely –

MY FEAR!!?  (My comprehension) – is a foreign term and indeed it scares me Cus I honestly  don’t know what is F€@R ? The most addictive Drug is the chase for Adrenaline Rush — I could see my recollections by those captured clips  of the vague past .. 



MY PAIN?!!  (My definition) ) – is nothing kind of an adjective or verb  immune where I prefer physical than mental as my selective mentally self play

MY ANXIETY!!?  – is chronically dismay uncalled for and the closer one gets in my life shall suffer the unexplainable myths so I was lucky to be left alone to fight for food at the age of 3 —  the self awareness – self direct – developing along the self defending sway 

MY GOALS – !? My adolescent son is smart ,loyal & I simply live no regrets for the so very stern  discipline tat many accusation stabbed my repeated opening  wounds – subsequently training my trash hole & tolerance of bloodshed and physical pain ! The reason for me to be striving is obviously the son I borne and thankful to Father’s blessing @m€N ! The plot smooth operated and working as my play instinct ‘s blue print-planned !! Playing both roles of 爹娘was never ever easy –  to cope with my son was the toughest task – yet despite swallowing mocking of my lacking attention often left me emotionally drained I must admit but say in affirmed dismay !

  My Family – my parents – my sibling  ,my niece. is my undertaking vow of responsibility 4 shouldering this burden I proclaim  –

I am willin to even die for their security in each & every single Way !!