As my ability of focusing & to concentrate deteriorates with visible & significant signs of trails … I am glad , ! Not thrill , not too sad with such a tragic situation that strikes with proving facts but self consoling a point which I have done my best , and I was not incapable to express the gifts I wasn’t BLESSED.

– as I was getting more information why & how

panic attack

occurs & obviously prevention is to memorize the

TO do list

It took me – a week to write a precise but officially letter of complaint – that I gave my promised to Mr Wesley, a ground representative of Singapore Airlines – the UK duty manager based at Amsterdam Schipol Airport .

My incompetence to breathe , my tales and the pain within.
My incapabilities to relieve , – losing mind & memories kicks in.

THIS is my Birthday present from me to Me 2014

Dear Schiphol Airport representative,

I’m writing to inform you that I had a negative experience at your Airport Medical Services( AMB CENTRUM AIRSIDE), the First Aid services at Schiphol international Airport on 26 June 2014. & the time of seeking medical service was at 10.55 am Amsterdam Time , the General Practitioner on duty who handled my case was named Dr Bakker, S.
First of all, I recognise that you, as the reader of this letter, are not responsible for my bad experience, but I am still upset about the situation & see the need to present it to your kind review and revert before bringing my rude treatment to public discussion.
On 26th June 2014, I arrived Schiphol Airport in the morning at 9am to catch my flight bound for Singapore by the Singapore Airlines SQ 323 ETD 1115am. I was walking clearing immigration after I checked in & gotten my boarding pass. As I head towards the direction of the departure Gate, I started to perspire rapidly & finding difficulties in catching my breathes. I was then under the impression that my family history of Asthma was the cause, & I kept fighting my way to gate G.
When I finally struggled to the departing gate at 10.10 am I affirmed. I started to find the condition worsen as I saw passengers gradually walked to the waiting lounge because all I could imagined was the pressure difference up in the air could make my difficulties in catching my breathes harder. I started to panic & as I was contemplating whether should I consult the ground staffs of my status but I was too weak to attempt even standing up then ! I could barely make coherent sentence to the gentleman next to me that I needed airline staff’s attention.
Almost immediately , Mr Wesley & Miss Melissa from Singapore Airlines came to my attention & as I could vaguely speak a word each time. I repeatedly mentioned – “VENTOLIN” , “INHALER” , “ASTHMA” ! the airlines staffs had me seated on a wheelchair which they rushed me to the clinic for immediate consultation at the First Aid Centre which is situated in the Airport Terminal premises.
Dr Bakker S , to my recollection was apathy towards receiving patients. All I could remember was he constant reminders that consultation fees incurred was my liability! The amount due of 25 Euro was settled by My Citibank Visa ending 1822! I recalled his unfriendly voice When he finally asked me questions pertaining my situations with a 10 min consultation whereby Miss Melissa from the airline was by my side since my attack, Dr Bakkers’ indifferent behavior as a Doctor ain’t too professional to my perception . Furthermore, His uncaring attitude towards any first experience of panic attack patients seemed overwhelming harsh but I was then in no position to question this but his rudeness to Mr Wesley & Miss Melissa, I simply could not help but to bring to your attention! . His behaviour& attitude as a Doctor’s morals confirmed the following day by My Wesley & Miss Melissa upon my departure is not only my sentiments to bring upon your awareness . Please Note that this will reflect on the general treatments by the practitioner from the authority of Amsterdam’s international Airport!

I feel utterly disappointed with this treatment experience & no apology from Bakker is needed personally but I will be waiting for his kind letter of apologies to Mr Wesley Watkinson , My attending airline services Manager that also had no experience if customers’ sudden panic attacks which accompanied me to the first aid centre.

Kindly contact Mr Wesley, I appreciate your kind reply with regards to the situation pending to be resolve . I thank you for your kind attention .

Penn Y

Penn Yap
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